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Berding Surveying has an extensive inventory of highly sophisticated, state-of-the-art instruments and electronic data collection methods for surveying.

GPS Services

gpsGPS is an accurate and cost-effective field information collection method that obtains data by using Global Positioning System (GPS) technology for establishing the horizontal and vertical positions of various items in the field.  GPS is excellent for projects where few obstacles to the satellite constellation hinders the receipt of the GPS signal.  The system lends itself to high tolerance work to define the location of remote points and for the use in collecting a large amount of data on a large open site.  Data can be gathered without the need for indivisibility between control points.  Production on most projects can increase 200 to 300% over conventional methods providing for a cost-effective, timely completion of your project.

All GPS systems employ the same constellation of satellites.  The difference in the system used by the geodetic surveyor and the weekend boater or hiker is in the collection and correction of the observed signal.  When occupying monuments with known values (x,y,z), an adjustment can be determined for yielding the correct coordinate.  A correction is then broadcasted via a radio signal to a second receiver that is used to navigate to predetermined locations or used to collect data points.

The needs and demands of county and local governments to establish and maintain GIS systems requires the presence of an accessible and dense network of field monuments.  Our staff has assisted counties with strategic planning to identify the placement of permanent monuments to facilitate the creation of the base mapping for a GIS.  Countywide static control networks are planned and observed utilizing our four GPS receivers.  Individual reference sheets with sketch and monument descriptions are provided for each location.

Real-time kinematic GPS is typically used in the rapid collection of ground elevation samples required for developing a topographic base map.  At times, the GPS receiver and antenna are mounted to an ATV and the operator can “drive” the site, collecting data "on-the-fly."  GIS and utility inventory can be collected both on foot and in a mobile fashion.

Construction layout for mass grading in land development, landfill construction, capping and certification are prime applications for kinematic GPS.  Layout point values (x,y,z) defining the locations of improvements are calculated in the confines of a controlled office environment.  The values are downloaded into a portable computer device which is linked to the GPS receiver when mobilized to the field.  The operator of the system is then able to “navigate” to the exact predetermined location (x,y), set a stake and note the cut or fill to the correct elevation (z).

Expect experienced field and office personnel, proven technology and new ideas as we initiate your next project.
  • We have 2 Total Trimble Kinematic Real-Time GPS Surveying Systems.
  • Field crews are 2 to 3 times as productive.
  • Aerial Control that normally takes a week takes less than a day.
  • Experience is everything, and we have it!