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Berding Surveying has an extensive inventory of highly sophisticated, state-of-the-art instruments and electronic data collection methods for surveying.

Surveying Services

PBS Survey The services of a professional surveying firm should be considered prior to undertaking many projects -- from purchasing or financing real property to identifying the locations of land features and objects.  Trained and seasoned professionals familiar with the local nuances and filing requirements of various counties and municipalities will prove invaluable when initiating a new project or development.  Preliminary utility investigation, courthouse and records research oftentimes prove paramount in determining the viability for development of your project site or a suitable location for a planned road improvement.  Accessing public GIS data bases and our in-house repository of records, we will assist you in all stages of the planning process. Building on the information collected in the preliminary planning, our staff will provide the full range of services required for completing boundary surveys and resolution, topographic base maps (ground and aerial), right-of-way and easement Surveys,  ALTA / ACSM surveys, construction layout and as-builts. Skilled technicians outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment and computer technology are prepared to mobilize and gather data for use in preparing the desired deliverable for any of these tasks.

surveyor A team of field personnel familiar with and experienced in construction layout allows the firm to service challenging and interesting projects.  A support staff provides technical review and calculations to supplement the daily field activity helping to maximize field production and minimize costly mistakes.

Berding Surveying employs an extensive inventory of highly sophisticated, state-of-the-art instruments and electronic data collection methods for conventional field surveying.  With our firm's Global Positioning Systems (GPS) available as well as conventional methods, we will use whatever technology complements your project and assures prompt and economical results.  This may include both GPS and conventional or robotic total stations on the same project.

Surveying and mapping results are most commonly created using AutoCAD Field Survey™ and AutoCAD 2002™ formats.  Our staff routinely works with other professionals exchanging files to and from numerous CAD and file formats.  You can expect full cooperation as we identify solutions to bridge any digital obstacle.

Expect experienced field and office personnel, proven technology and new ideas as we initiate your next project.

Focus Areas

3D Laser Scanning

An early adopter of 3D Laser Scanning, Berding Surveying is able to use multiple systems for capturing detailed 360-degree, 3D data sets of any man-made or natural structure with extreme accuracy.  This powerful technology allows us to quickly scan complex, hard-to-reach or dangerous environments safely and accurately.  The system is used on complex renovation, historical preservation and archiving projects.  Bridges, overpasses, railroads, high-speed roadways and airport runways are captured in great detail from a safe distance.  Process piping, tank farms and manufacturing plants can be captured and 3D models delivered. This service provides amazing accuracy and completeness with huge time and cost savings to our customers.

Base Mapping

In need of a CAD model that accurately depicts the features of an existing site?  Owners, developers and planners seek out Berding to efficiently and accurately assemble the base map.  Our firm is adept using the resources of GIS, utility records and historic documents to provide a first look at a parcel.  Through GPS, efficient field data gathering methods and automated mapping features, Berding Surveying can quickly transform data from field to CAD.

Boundary, ALTA/ACSM Surveys

Berding is well grounded in the fundamental task of the land surveyor-establishing property lines.  Courthouse and records research provides a basis for resolving property line locations and providing the context for understanding the historical basis or evolution of property line locations.  A field survey crew locates existing field monumentation and lines of occupation; data is downloaded for resolution with the researched and recorded data.  The results are presented in the form of a plat of survey along with a new legal description.  At the completion of improvements and at the time of permanent financing, we frequently provide the required ALTA/ACSM survey requested by the title company or lending institution.  In addition, we provide this same service to accommodate the financing associated with the transfer of commercial, industrial and retail properties.

Construction Layout and Support

Berding Surveying is the "go to" firm for construction layout expertise.  With an experienced staff of field tested site surveyors, we are able to support the area’s most challenging building projects.

Well grounded in the principles of site control and building layout coupled with advanced technology, Berding brings confidence, quality and reliability to a large number of the Tri-State’s premier building projects.

Infrastructure & Transportation

Berding is surveying only.  Therefore, we are able to service the consulting engineering community without conflict of interest due to a competing in-house design component.  Employing the latest tools and techniques available to the field surveying professional and developing a CAD deliverable tailored to the need of the client, Berding is sought out by large multi-disciplined firms to provide accurate and detailed data on the most challenging of projects.  Berding is well versed in developing a deliverable that meets the needs of each community and the professional charged with the design of an improvement.

Transportation designers find in Berding a single resource for providing detailed base mapping and right-of-way plan development services.  Berding is chosen as a partner when a seasoned professional services firm capable of providing comprehensive base mapping in GeoPak coding is a must.  We are ODOT prequalified for right-of-way plan development.