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Unlike engineering and multi-disciplined design firms with survey departments, Berding Surveying specializes in only Land Surveying. Without a design component, we do not compete with our clients who are design professionals. Our clients have repeatedly found that outsourcing what has become a specialized service eliminates the overhead and down time expense associated with maintaining in-house survey crews.

Who We Serve

Architects:  Berding Surveying provides comprehensive and detailed base mapping of existing conditions for reference in the design of new structures or improvements.  Using advanced 3D laser scanning technology, we are able to develop accurate and detailed elevations and models of existing structures and landscape.  

Attorneys:  To help accommodate sales and refinancing of properties, Berding serves the legal profession with visually appealing and easily understood ALTA /ACSM surveys.  Properties requiring new surveys due to deed deficiencies, to effect a lot split or in order to meet recording standards are often handled through legal counsel who work in close coordination with Berding.  

Contractors and Builders:  With a complement of five survey crews, Berding is well equipped to service the needs of the high demand, heavy and highway contractor as well as the smaller commercial contractors. 

Consulting Engineers:  Berding is surveying only. Therefore, we are able to service the consulting engineering community without conflict of interest due to a competing in-house design component.  Utilizing the latest tools and techniques available to the field surveying professional and developing a CAD deliverable tailored to the need of the client, Berding is sought out by large multi-disciplined firms to provide accurate and detailed data on the most challenging of projects. 

Commercial and Residential Developers:  Drawing on our experiences in addressing complex legal and title matters in addition to our cost effective base mapping, the development community turns to Berding for assistance in assembling the components which define the physical characteristics of a parcel of land and depict the inherent matters of title.  

Industry:  When the area's titans of industry are in need of a survey or the design firm which is in charge of implementing a needed addition or locating a new facility, Berding is sought out to assist with detailed information which accurately represents the existing conditions.  The innovative use of 3D laser scanning allows us to provide models and elevations of structures and process that which previously was all but impossible to portray in full detail.

Municipalities:  Infrastructure needs, repairs and upgrades to our area communities require that accurate base mapping is in place. Berding is well versed in developing a deliverable that meets the needs of each community and the professional charged with the design of an improvement.

Transportation Designers and right of way plan development:  A single resource providing the design community with detailed base mapping and right-of-way plan development services.  Berding is sought out as a partner when a seasoned professional services organization is required capable of providing comprehensive base mapping in GeoPak coding. We are ODOT prequalified for right-of-way plan development.

Utilities-Public and Private:  Sewer, water, power generation and distribution are all in need of reliable survey information which defines and portrays the attributes of the system.  Berding works closely with the service provider in developing a deliverable which complements and merges into an existing data base or which can be used by the engineering professional in the design of improvements and expansions.