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Berding Surveying is able to use multiple systems for capturing detailed 360-degree, 3D data sets of any man-made or natural structure with extreme accuracy.

PROJECT SAMPLE: Plant Retro-fits

TASK: Large MEP engineering firm (client) was tasked with designing retro-fits and upgrades for a sprawling, industrial agricultural processing plant.  Some existing 2D drawings were available, but there had been many renovations over the years.  It was desirable to start with an accurate 3D model of the space to ensure the reonvation designs were accurate and would not concflict with existing elements.

Plant - Point Cloud

SOLUTION: To create a 3D model using hand measurements would have taken an inordinate amount of time.  Laser scanning was the logical choice.  Data could be collected quickly and remotely.  A short range scanner was utilized to capture scans across the large site, both outdoors and indoors.  Precise survey control was critical to ensure a tight, accurate data set from area to area, interior and exterior.

Plant - Model %26 CloudPlant - Model

DELIVERABLE: A 3D DWG model was delivered to the client.  The drawing was used as the base model for designing plant retrofits.  Client was able to design tie-in points, avoid existing elements, and deliver an economical product to the owner.

Plant - Full Model